Illumination Village 2009

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The final scale map, power distro map, and art roster for Illumination Village 2009 is up!

We have been placed at 5:00 and Esplanade extending
back to "A" street, and have 5:00 along our left side
if you are looking to the man. Please be sure of your
placement before you stake in! The color of your sub camp
on the map denotes the color of the little wooden stakes that
will "square off" your camp. Please set up within these stakes.
The power distro map is divided into three colored sections.
Please plug into a distro box within your designated section, and
read the power hook up instructions. We
have done our best to meet everyone’s needs, and enjoy seeing you on the playa!

Ill Vill 2009 Camping Map
(Click on the image for a larger sized version)

Mayors are Gina Limon and Jeff Henise (Buffy)

Power Disto Map
(Click on the image for a larger sized version)

Art Roster and Legend
(Click on the image for a larger sized version)

Tapping into Village Power

If you are camping in the Village and have paid up your dues,
please read this to find out what you need to do and bring to
access the village power grid

DUES ARE DUE BY August 15th
Dues for Ill Vill are $55 per person and the
The deadline for giving us your dues is August 15th. Your dues go
towards renting a village generator, power distro,
grey water disposal system,
wood for the front fireplace, PROPANE, village schwag,
Village art, and village infrastructure transportation

Dues are required for placement on the ill vill map... and basically having
your camp and art in the village! So if you want to camp with the village
get your paypal account open and click the donate button here:

Camping with Illumination Village in 2009?
Here's the skinny on what you need to know.

Need plans to build a cardboard house? PDF
Here are plans for building your own 8x8
cardboard home on the little playa.

To see cardboard box houses in action/on playa
check out Cooper's gallery from 2005:
The Box Lounge 2005

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2009 is The Illumination Village's 15th anniversary on the playa.
The Illumination Village is an active, driven community of dedicated artists, technologists and hardcore fans of fire. We’re a powerful force on the playa; building, supporting and burning some of the best and biggest art the playa has ever seen. The Illumination Village is old school fire, steam punks, mad science, anachronistic power generation, neon, electricity and sculpture that’s interactive and entertaining. We bring fuel, we bring energy, we bring art, and we light up the night. We stoke the flames, mixing fire and steel, keeping your body warm at night, and your eyes twinkling with the reflections of combustion.